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    Local Authority

    This category refers to municipalities, as well as any other organisation/authority/legal entity that oversees public services for a community, and controls or manages local funds. This includes either municipal or metropolitan authorities or transport authorities.

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    Policy Maker

    This category refers to all people/organisations responsible for formulating or amending policy. Policy makers tend to be approached by inhabitants, rate payers, lobbyists (non-governmental and non-profit organisations, amongst others), interest groups, academics, and the media hoping to influence policies.

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    Enforcement Agency

    This category refers to the agencies and employees responsible for enforcing laws, maintaining public order, and managing public safety. The primary duties of these agencies include the investigation, apprehension, and detention of individuals suspected of (criminal) offences.

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    Transport Provider

    This category refers to any party/person/agency that provides passenger transport or related services to end-users. Passenger transport includes formal train and bus operators and informal operators, so-called ‘paratransit’, taxi, small buses or demand responsive transport.

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    Non-governmental Organisation

    This category refers to non-profit groups that function independently of any government or business sector organisation. NGOs, sometimes called civil societies, are organised to serve a social or political goal, such as humanitarian causes, the environment or gender equality and reducing sexual harassment.

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